Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Thought Jesus, Muhummad, and Moses were the most pious religious people around? Check out the Gnostic Bible for more religious figures. Those writings are incredible, from any perspective.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Post About Donations

I spent some time thinking about whether or not to put a donations link on the site. After doing more thinking, I came to the conclusion that people might like to donate to the site when its more popular, and I wanted to make it easy for people not to have to e-mail me about it.

I do need money to survive in California, and I want to have a decent standard of living. If you can donate as a payment for free access to 7 years of work, I'd appreciate it quite earnestly.

Wow! Practically finished with the website. I will be working on it more this week.

New Direction

In this blog, I am going to try to explain Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Gnosticism in a very detailed way, so it is like a companion s...