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Maybe I am just lucky and smart. But I think I can change the world forever. 
After studying history and religion for years, I made the decision that I wantedf to improve the world, and divided key areas of life into groups. I have read from cover to cover the world's most famous books, The Bible, The Torah, and the Quran. The not-so mentioned religious book a book full of wonder, and is one of my favorites: The Gnostic Bible, which is largely based off the Nag Hammadi, an Egyptian work uncovered in a cave in 1947 or so. What's interesting, is that with these three books combined, you could probably turn earth into an actual utopia over the course of about 100 years

So what can I bring to the table after understanding how the world has really worked and reading the books? For example, there is the science and technology group, which is based off industry, and I have found conclusive that as there is always the smart way and the not-so smart way to do things. I think the right idea is for the industry to be on an understandable and forward path. For example, a lot of the technology that has come out since the '50s and earlier are brilliant inventions, et. al, but for humanities sake, they need to be understood to optimize their function. There is also the dark side, which is using technology for hate. There is a lot of evil and negativity in some of the ways that major tech players do things. Why not strive for corporate or incorporate perfection you guys? Some of you guys make billions. Why not treat everything with respect, including yourselves.

The messianic word is that largely, anything can be fixed with the correct philosophy being taken with knowledgable certainty and handling matters and the errors that have been caused in situations with mistakes, or error, and using the idea and belief of understanding correctly can help in a thoughtful and long-standing manner. That means not letting ego and politics misunderstand and hinder the philosophy of creating and handling ideas, products, the way things work, and time. Do you guys care about your legacy?

If I were President of the United States, I would not just want jobs created, but have a way to have everyone make money in an honest and contributive way to the planet. This includes understanding more environmentalist and political perspectives, and gaining knowledge about how to do things in the best way, not for future generations, but also for our generation. If you read the Quran, you know that magical powers exist, and for instance disease and disabilities can be eradicated, just like wars and egotistical ways - but for me, it's just an inspiration, and not always the basis of reality, like for some readers. It pivots you in the right direction, if not everyone believes in Ad-Dajal for instance (who is unlike the villain in Jesus' prophecies).

Eventually, after coming into contact with something very strange which resembled the paranormal, I had a month-long stay in UCLA Hospital where I dropped out of school and spent a lot of time reading history, medical science texts, and religious scripture, as the 15 medical doctors couldn't conclude what exactly happened. I wanted to find a treatment to phantom sensations and find out where it stemmed from. What was strange was that a lot of it had to do with "archons" also known to certain sects as "evil spirits" a mysterious population whom many claimed affected large populations, and according to written statements, still existed as of the birth of the internet around 1997, and to this day, some have revealed. Some ancient texts even say that demons are the main cause of disease!

Personally, I hadn't run into an archon or phantom during the day for a few years until Thanksgiving 2010, when I was 23. Looking back, in seems like they come and go and influence us by not knowing exactly what they are or where they come from. Or the methods to get rid of them. It's patterns were regular and childish, my adolescence, and early adult years. This time, my experience was an angry and sinister voice, and it and its members knew my name. Several of them started whispering into my body and telling that I was Jesus Christ, etc. It tried to reveal certain lying accusations to me and lied about its identity At the time, I just wanted it to go away. Later, I wanted to find out what it was, and the testimonies I found from actual people astounded me. If you want to read some, just search the internet for "schizophrenic stories". To tell you the truth, It's bizarre that people think its a psychological condition.

Jesus Christ for example, claimed that they were evil spirits, archaic and cyborg looking and that's exactly how they were and still are! What a strange thing to exist in our reality! What they were doing 2000 years ago and what they are still doing, not many could convince others of. Somehow these electric beings gained power, and that means possibly controlling our money, our elections, etc. I've had dreams about them controlling things, and them telling me they had certain powers we humans don't generally have.

A lot of gnostics believed they were a military-type task force for the Demiurge, the God who created this world. The legend is that he appears to humans as half-man half-undead dummy, and is witless and insane. So you can imagine how powerful they actually were. And how powerful lying actually is for them. The weird thing is that their main thing over the years is that for our planet, they have been the ones playing God the whole time.

They created a religious control system, each of which you can learn from to become more knowledgeable about them, and wage an attack to defeat the archon, or false god. Islam, surprisingly, and for a lot of reasons, has one of the best methods to defeat who the Christians call the enemy; command them to leave and they sometimes understand. Interesting enough though, the Quran, the main book of Islam has only one monotheistic God, which is YHWH. He, or it, does look like he was related to the Annunaki aliens if you study certain documents about the Annunaki. This lying causes incredible confusion for anyone who wants to know the truth about our reality. The annunaki are certainly obsessed with things like Gold and controlling civilization. The other rumored races are the Reptilians and the Grays. They look like they have a position somewhere where they breed these things.

An interesting aside is that the Jinn race can shape-shift into humanoid, fortuneteller, and mythological, magic animal, characters, and are actually very intelligent in attacking humans. For instance, a "magic animal" changing is shape and appearing to look like Jesus and Moses appeared to Muhummad in A.D. 600. A lot of these types have blackened tendrils, and look like something from the film aliens.

I personally believe that the Kingpin was indeed Yahweh Jehovah, the electric spark in charge of the evil forces on this planet. Since the early 90s, it has focused on scarring people with telling (even children) that it is a robot and it is interested in remote-controlling things. In later times, it seems Yahweh is played by a humanoid trickster, or something like one.

It wasn't until 2010 that I left my studies to focus on studying and practicing my own religion. I created an alter-ego for myself which I named Future Jesus, or Double Madhi. These Days, I sometimes feel like the Double Madhi, which means I understand Islam and think a lot of its futuristic ideals can be done by anyone with enough knowledge. I call my antagonistic Jinn D'jenny, the devil worshipping nutjob who is salve to just another animal fairy. I agree with the general Gnostic worldview and philosophical beliefs, and have found them to be the wisest of the prophets of actual God, which some might say is just believing in the Universe and It's foundation (or for many of them, the belief of "Did something come before this flawed Universe)? However, as fate and consequence have played things out, the person with the most followers was Jesus Christ, second Muhammad, and the third Moses. I found an interesting historical lesson in this, as finding out the popular opinions of tens of thousands of years and seeing how people existed, I saw how the World has worked since ancient times. What is certain is that alien-like beings exist, a lot of people thought they were demons, certainly coexisting with us, and they come from somewhere in the design of time and the physical plane.1 If we think about it, we know how they influence our lives, and this calls for something like a Grand Exorcism of this absolute sickness from the human race. How this could be achieved? By spreading the truth about the matter to those who want to hear about it. It's not that difficult, I prophecy.

When the truth is known, lies, and as a result, many evil things, simply vanish from cognizance. That is true for the lone human or the populous state.
Now for my plead to be the leader of the United States: a political agenda.For one: I want to reduce world hunger so that the minimum of populations are affected. Eliminate the most deadly diseases, such as aids and cancer. I suggest it's not that hard if you have well-thinking individuals come in and investigate. I want to create a global weapon program that the countries with weapons, both personal and designed by the government, are focused on defense rather than preliminary offense. This would ensure no world wars in the future.
Keep in mind, I am a person very much against archonic or satanist (ruler control, mind control, brainwashing etc.). You can see the problem of this everywhere these days, from the government not telling us anything, to the very misdeed of bad management of taxes, which in this country has lasted 300 years.

For two: I want to reduced world hunger so that the minimum of populations are affected. Having it's citizens eat and stay healthy should be a priority for any government I want to created a global weapon limiter program so that the countries with weapons are focused on Defense rather than offense.

I want industry, including tech, to be understandable and on the forward path. A lot of the things that have come out since the 50s are brilliant inventions, but they need to be understood to optimize their function.

I want not just jobs created, but a way to have people make money in an honest and contributive way to the planet. This includes more environmentalist perspectives, and free education about why we need to sustain our environment, not just for future generations, but our generation.

I was raised Episcopalian, you know, just another Lutheran Branch of Christianity. When I was in college, I studied and appreciated Buddhism. I was a a big music geek back in high school. Back then, I was a psychology student and a part time musician. I played in a rock 'n' roll band in a garage and recorded music. It was a lot of fun.

Hello, my Name is Alan R. Hoffman. I am running for President after I turn 35. My Birthday was in July, 1987. The same day Batman Begins came out 18 years later. I have been strategically destroying archonic (alien) forces, and studying the idea of heroism (trying to fix people's problems) in an effort to use my time on earth to benefit the world, which relates to eschatology.

Hello everyone, once again, my name is Alan, and I'd like to ask for the people who read this blog, which is geared towards English speakers and Americans like myself (unless someone makes a translation) to believe in something bigger than themselves. For me, once I started to let certain ideas be absorbed into my consciousness. What happened is I went from a guy who would be content to just "live the American dream" they would say: Have a car, earn enough money to own a house and raise a family when I'm married, and have a decent job. Now, I'm a guy who wants to improve conditions all around the planet and the key was this - to have a passion in learning, and always try to do what's right. Becoming a disciple of Christ, or at least someone who very much admires his drive, was life-changing. Then I read the Quran, and became a fan of Muhummad as well. For years, I have been preparing in my studies to become an influential person (at least in terms in the studies of the world), and a person very much against archonic (ruler) control.

Many problems aren't hard to solve, it's cause and effect and can be treated with the scientific method or disease model), and have a very organized plan to expand many people's historical and discriminatory knowledge, and if hidden information can help me live a better life, it can help others. And it all started with thinking about and studying Jesus Christ, believing in the Holy Spirit and the spirit of truth, which I never thought I could do, especially for a guy in his mid-twenties who was leaning on being agnostic most of the time.a For reasons I'll delve into later, I read the New Testament, and the Nag Hammadi, as well as other rare Gnostic Scriptures. As a consequence, I know basically all that anyone these days could know about Jesus Christ, and I know about him very well. It taught me a lot of things, but the most important that I realized is that no one else tried to be a messiah, or has been acknowledge as one. For me these days, it means thinking about the world, and also my life. It also led me to know the truth about prophecy, which is found in many societies beliefs systems. That includes information about Madhi 12th Imam, Helen of Troy, the New Testament, and the other books such as the book of Revelation and Hypostasis of the Archons. I hate when there's misleading or wrong information out there!!!a

Guys, like me you can do your research on worldly issues, and being knowledgable about what goes on can take you places you couldn't have dreamed of. So why not get started? Here's THE reading list for people who take what goes on in the world seriously. 

So just read! Well read what? That's where things get kind of interesting from a humanist perspective.

The Bible - Standard Edition, Hardcover.
The Quran - Oxford Press, Hardcover.
The Gnostic Bible by Stephanie Meyer.

Online ordering:

That's $58.81 plus taxes and shipping fees. If anyone can make a website with the non-copywrited material in a decent font type, email me and I'll post it. That's something I've wished I had for a long time (especially if you lose a copy)!

If you don't want to purchase the texts, you can still donate so that we can get something like an online translation up of each of them. I have to say though, that these books are so influential, you wouldn't do yourself a disservice at all if you bought them.

Once again, you donate via PayPal here:

P.S. I'd very strongly recommend buying the book or heading to your library! Kudos! Don't destroy your eyeballs, however you read it! - Alan.

These are indeed the most popular books in the World, and includes special one about the Gnostics.

Any proceeds will help Alan pusue his work and studies, and to maintain a moderately successful life as a Buddhist in America. Extraneous proceeds will go to charity.

If you would like to volunteer or be an intern for Alan Hoffman, email with the Subject heading: Volunteer. Tell us what you can do or would like to do! He plans on influencing history and bringing people and improving people's reality. If you have a question or comment, please put in your Subject field Comment or Question.

I am a Gnostic and as I see myself, a revolutionary. I am planning to run for President in 2024, after my 35th Birthday. If you have a comment or question, or want to help, email with the Subject: "Question/Comment". There is also a donate link at top.

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Addendum for You Guys

Attention internet geeks, here's an addendum to your life: Get off your lazy butt and help humanity, written by Mr. Hoffman.

Why aren't there more people around fixing humanities problems?

We rely on our government here in America for everything: I think our main sin is sloth.

The religious have faith in God that things will turn out.  I don't think so. Faith without works is fruitless. What would an actual mediator between man and God say?

We have to get off our lazy butt and start doing things ourselves.

What problems could we fix, pretty easily?

Well I have a feeling we could fix pretty much anything.

We don't have a real leader, in this country or globally.

What does the United States president do with his time? Keep the peace, mostly. (I think). I'll have to do more research.

We could solve world hunger for one. Start small: solve United States hunger. (Teaching people important things, like how to find a job you actually like is a great one)

We could all be united against wars and terrorism. I'm talking a global party for whoever can do that. Trump,  the balls in your court.

We could drop religion (unless someone makes a case for Christ or something). Theologians, I'm looking at you, glaringly, for this one.

We could unite against aids and the propagation of sexual disease - everyone could practice safe sex...

We could study the ancient gnostics and find a reason why we shouldn't procreate to begin with, especially if the world has this many problems... (inside joke for the gnostics of this age)

We could find a way to lower the price of college, so that we would all be more educated.

We could start really funding PBS and start another TV channel that focuses on the public's best interest....

We could solve the debate between Republicans and Democrats. There's got to be a right answer somewhere.

Well that's what I thought of. Why don't you make your own diatribe? And spread it.

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